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Main Characters

POI 0509 Root

Played by Amy Acker

POI 0509 Bear

Played by Gotcha

Person of Interest

Image Name Played by
POI 0509 Terry Easton Called by Finch

Terry Easton

Neal Huff
Main article: Terry Easton
POI 0509 Carla Easton

Carla Easton

Elizabeth Loyacano
Terry Easton's wife, she was kidnapped by The Voice to force him to do his bidding. In reality, she was an actress by the name of Jennifer Kent, who was hired by The Voice to fool Reese and Finch.


Image Name Played by
POI 0509 Carl Elias

Carl Elias

Enrico Colantoni
Main article: Carl Elias
POI 0509 Raul


Teddy Cañez
Main article: Raul

The 8th Precinct

Image Name Played by
POI 0509 Amir Siddiq

Amir Siddiq

Rupak Ginn
Main article: Amir Siddiq
POI 0509 Officer Chen

Officer Chen

Marcus Ho
A police officer at the 8th Precinct, he was being blackmailed by The Voice to do his bidding after he threatened his family. He released the Templarios out of their lock-up and later tried to kill Amir Siddiq but was shot by Reese and later arrested.
POI 0509 Benavides


Gino Vento
A member of the Templarios, he and the rest of his gang members were hired by The Voice to kill Amir Siddiq. After being released from their cells by Officer Chen, Benavides and another Templario raided the evidence lockup to look for ammunition but were stopped by Reese and Fusco who questioned him regarding The Voice before knocking him out.
POI 0509 Cop


John Halas
A police officer present at the scene of the warehouse bombing, he informed Reese of the casualties noting that Carla Easton wasn't among them.
POI 0509 ESU Lieutenant

ESU Lieutenant

Philip Reid
The lieutenant of an Emergency Service Unit, he and his SWAT team raided the warehouse where Carla Easton was believed to be held. However, this was a ploy by The Voice who triggered a bomb blast and injured several members of the team, one critically.

Shaw's Ride

Image Name Played by
POI 0509 Cowboy Hat

Cowboy Hat

Jose Joaquin Perez
A human smuggler, he and his partner helped smuggle in a Mexican family across the border but then tried to extort them. Shaw who was hiding in the same truck knocked them out and gave the keys to the truck to the family.
POI 0509 Father


Al Roffe
The man, his wife and their daughter were smuggled across the border by a pair of human smugglers. When they tried to extort him for more money, Shaw who was hiding in their truck knocked them out and gave the keys to the truck to family.

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