1x08 - Steiler

Played bySherman Howard


AliasMichael Stegans


OccupationConstruction foreman
Stasi team leader (formerly)

ResidenceNew York, NY, USA

AffiliationUlrich Kohl


Images (2)

Steiler was a former member of the East German intelligence agency, the Stasi.

He was part of a Stasi team, including Ulrich Kohl, Wernick and Heinrich Hauffe, that hunted down and neutralized East German defectors. He was their team leader.

After breaking out of prison, Kohl tracked him down and prepared to kill him for the death of his wife but Steiler told him that Anja faked her death and is still alive. With Kohl distracted Steiler attacked him but Kohl threw him over edge of the building to his death.

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