POI 0504 Stewart

Played byBrian J. Carter


OccupationMedical technician


AssociatesJohn Greer
Jeremy Lambert

First appearance6,741

Latest appearanceA More Perfect Union

Images (2)

Stewart is a Samaritan asset working as medical technician at the facility where Shaw was being held.

Character Background

Stewart is present while Shaw undergoes surgery to have an electromagnetic chip implanted in her head. When she wakes up Stewart tries chatting her up but she remains unresponsive. It is later revealed to have been a part of a simulation by Samaritan designed to break Shaw. He is later seen staring another simulation for Shaw. Samaritan labeled him as "ASSET 573". (“6,741”)

Stewart is present alongside Greer when he comes to visit Shaw after one of her sessions. It is also reveled to be another simulation. (“A More Perfect Union”)


Season 5

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