Sven Vanger

POI 0307 Sven

Played byCarsten Norgaard

NameSven Vanger

NicknameThe Swede


OccupationStore Owner, Money launderer

ResidenceNew York, NY, USA


AppearanceThe Perfect Mark

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Sven "The Swede" Vanger is a sports memorabilia store owner and money launderer for HR.

Character Background

Sven Vanger is the owner of a small sports memorabilia store. He was coerced by HR to take part in a money laundering scheme for their ill-gotten revenue. Sven would purchase fake collectibles at an auction house whose provenance expert was on the HR payroll. HR would put a worthless item up for auction and Sven would pay exorbitant amounts for it, cleaning HR's dirty money in the process.

Sven was a patient of Hayden Price who learned of the scheme while Sven was under hypnosis to quit smoking. Price spoofed an email to Sven in which he changed the next auction lot number from the worthless item HR had listed to an extremely rare baseball signed by the 1922 NY Yankees including Babe Ruth. Sven purchased the ball at auction for $4.4 mil of HR's money. Believing it to be worthless, he sold it to an associate of Price's for just $5.

Simmons ordered Mike Laskey to kill Sven and dispose of his body. Carter and Fusco intervened and helped Laskey fake Sven's death so that the newly redeemed rookie would not have to commit murder. Sven was told to leave town to avoid being murdered by HR.

Simmons later reported to HR head Alonzo Quinn about Sven's failure and "death." Unknown to them the meeting was photographed by Laskey, working as a mole for Carter inside of HR. Thanks to a dying Terney, Carter is able to use the picture to identify Quinn as the head of HR.

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