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Main Characters

POI 0511 MPOV Formulating Response

The Machine (Voice)
Played by Amy Acker

Bear Holder

Played by Gotcha
Credit only

Person of Interest

Image Name Played by

The President of the United States

Joel Haberli
The unnamed President of the United States, he was targeted by a group opposed to the increase in mass surveillance. As Samaritan chose to ignore this relevant number, The Machine sent Reese, Shaw and Fusco to protect his life, which they successfully did.

The Machine's Assets

Image Name Played by
POI 0511 Logan Pierce

Logan Pierce

Jimmi Simpson
Main article: Logan Pierce
POI 0511 Joey Durban

Joey Durban

James Carpinello
Main article: Joey Durban
POI 0511 Harper Rose

Harper Rose

Annie Ilonzeh
Main article: Harper Rose

Vigilance Lite

Image Name Played by
POI 0511 Tracey Phillips

Tracey Phillips

Karen Pittman
The wife of Senator Phillips, she secretly led an anti-surveillance group that planed to assassinate the President for supporting the increase of mass surveillance. Reese, Shaw and Fusco successfully stopped the assassination and Karen Phillips was arrested along with the other members of the group.
POI 0511 Charlie Vaida

Charlie Vaida

Will Brill
A member of the anti-surveillance group, he was captured by Shaw and tortured for information. Reese and Shaw allowed him to escape so that he would lead them to his superiors. He, Agent Daniels and another member of the group were shot by Joey Durban after they tried to shoot Reese and Shaw.
POI 0511 Agent Daniels

Agent Daniels

Theis Weckesser
A Secret Service agent, he was secretly in league with the anti-surveillance group led by Tracey Phillips. He, Charlie and another member of the group cornered Reese and Shaw after they successfully prevented the assassination of the President but were shot by Joey Durban.

Finch's Mission

Image Name Played by
POI 0511 Officer Reed

Officer Reed

Gregory Porter Miller
A Kentucky police officer, he questioned Finch when the stolen car he was travelling in broke down. He allowed Finch to leave when The Machine changed the digital records to make it appear that the car belonged to him.
POI 0511 Lieutenant Johnson

Lieutenant Johnson

Adrian Alvarado
A lieutenant at the Kelly Air Force Base, he tried to arrest Finch when he broke into the facility, but Finch had The Machine fast-track an organ donation for his daughter, forcing the lieutenant to let him go.


Image Name Played by
POI 0511 AIC Barnes

AIC Barnes

L. Steven Taylor
A Secret Service Agent, he arrested Tracey Phillips but questioned Fusco regarding his presence at the crime scene. Harper, under the guise of a Homeland Security Agent, lied that Fusco was working with her and bailed him out.
POI 0511 Think Tanker

Think Tanker

John Quilty
A guest at the fundraiser for the President, he was talking with Tracey Phillips about privacy when she urged Shaw, undercover as a Congressman's wife, to join them.
POI 0511 Suit

Suit #1

Nathan James
A representative of Thornhill Corporation, he delivered Shaw with her new cover identity.
POI 0511 TV Reporter

TV Reporter

Kristine Johnson
A TV news journalist, she was seen reporting on Logan Pierce's refusal to share client data with the NSA. She also reported on the assassination attempt on the President's life.

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