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The Briefcase

POI 0419 The Briefcase

First AppearanceSearch and Destroy

Latest AppearanceSNAFU


ConnectionThe Machine

LocationThe Subway

The Briefcase is a custom case used to store and transport the Machine's core code.


When some Decima operatives have a meeting about the transaction of it, Root, in the same restaurant they are at, disables the surveillence camera and knock everyone around out by toxin emitted from air conditioner. The tracking device is sturdy so Root has to break it with high-voltage shock. When she is found by some agents, she hide bullets with it, since it was mentioned that it "thrown down from a plane, not even a dent". The password of opening it is "314", inside, there is a Fabergé egg, which the Machine has Root to destroy it. (“Search and Destroy”)

With the instruction of the Machine, piezoelectric batteries (from night vision goggles) is planted in it to maintain the compressed version of the Machine's core code. (“YHWH”) Later in The Subway, when the Machine designates Finch and Root as threats and locks them inside the train, Root smashes the window with it. (“SNAFU”)


It is made of a carbon fiber Kevlar weave. The case is fitted with 70,128GB of RAM. These accumulate a total capacity of 8,960 GB. The case is powered by piezoelectric batteries Root took from night vision goggles. These recharge every time they are moved. There is a light at the briefcase. The blue means the battery is working, and the red means the remaining energy is limited and it goes out when the electricity is out.


  • On the Machine's orders, Shaw gives Finch a similar briefcase containing its core code. However, this one contains far less RAM chips and the array is transferable, as Reese is able to place it in another briefcase. (“return 0”)


  • The Briefcase is built around a Samsonite Focus Inspector Briefcase.


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