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The Briefcase

POI 0419 The Briefcase

First AppearanceSearch and Destroy

Latest AppearanceSNAFU


ConnectionThe Machine

LocationThe Subway

The Briefcase is a custom case used to store and transport the Machine's core code.


Originally designed to transport a Fabergé egg, it is made of a carbon fiber Kevlar weave. The case is fitted with 70 128GB of RAM. These accumulate a total capacity of 8960 GB.

The case is powered by piezoelectric batteries Root took from night vision goggles. These recharge every time they are moved.

Usually, electricity is generated by converting the original form of energy (in this case movement) and then processing it into chemical energy. With a piezoelectric battery, mechanical energy is converted into chemical energy directly. The battery would be equipped with a piezoelectric conductive polymer, for example polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF), which separates the two electrodes inside a battery. The PVDF film generates a charge through stress and strain created by moving the battery, and lets ions wander from anode to cathode to maintain a charge equilibrium. This migration process charges the battery without an external voltage source since all the required voltage is created by the piezoelectric conductor.


  • On the Machine's orders, Shaw gives Finch a similar briefcase containing its core code. However, this one contains far less RAM chips and the array is transferable, as Reese is able to place it in another briefcase. (“return 0”)


  • The Briefcase is built around a Samsonite Focus Inspector Briefcase.


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