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Main Cast

4x10 - MrBerenstein

Played by Amy Acker

Person of Interest

Image Name Played by
4x10 - Rachel

Rachel Farrow

Alexie Gilmore
She is in an abusive marriage and plans to kill her husband. This generates her number and Finch sends Reese to look into her. However Samaritan takes control of the city for 24 hours and sends Lambert to stop her from committing the crime. Lambert assures her that her husband would never hurt her again and shows her as Samaritan hacks her husband's insulin pump and kills him from insulin overdose.


Image Name Played by
4x10 - Greer

John Greer

John Nolan
Main article: John Greer
4x10 - Greer 1973

John Greer (1973)

Emrhys Cooper
Main article: John Greer
4x10 - Blackwood


Michael Siberry
Greer's boss at MI6 who's a double agent with the KGB. He sends Greer to kill Oleg Luski as he could expose his status as a double agent. Greer comes to learn the truth and kills Blackwood for betraying him.
4x10 - Oleg Luski

Oleg Luski

Roman Blat
A KGB double agent recruited by Blackwood, he worked undercover as an immigration attorney for a London firm. Fearing Luski could expose him, Blackwood sent Greer and his partner Jacob to kill him. Luski killed Jacob but was in turn wounded by Greer. After interrogating Luski Greer came to know of Blackwood's double agent status but allowed Luski to live telling him that his death would make no difference.

Team Samaritan

Image Name Played by
4x10 - Martine

Martine Rousseau

Cara Buono
Main article: Martine Rousseau
4x10 - Lambert

Jeremy Lambert

Julian Ovenden
Main article: Jeremy Lambert
4x10 - Gabriel

Gabriel Hayward

Oakes Fegley
Main article: Gabriel Hayward


Image Name Played by
4x10 - Isaac POI


Daniel Keith
An employee in an IT company who tries to blow up the building. He is stopped before he could trigger the bomb because he had researched how to build a bomb manuals online, which alerted Samaritan. A bomb squad team arrives and arrests him just before Reese could intervene.
4x10 - Arguing Girlfriend

Arguging Girlfriend

Veronica Reyes-How
A woman seen arguing with her boyfriend in the street after Samaritan, in order to show its power, releases information that was never meant to be unearthed causing widespread chaos.
4x10 - SWAT Team Officer

SWAT Team Officer #1

Rafael Poueriet
A member of the Swat team that arrests Isaac before he could blow up the building he worked in.

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