The Correction


Mentioned inAsylum

DateMay 6, 2015

Caused bySamaritan

This was not an attack. This was a test.

— Samaritan (“YHWH”)

The Correction is an attack found by Control, which she believes that it is planned to be in May 6, 2015 by Samaritan. Actually, the purpose is to test if Control is a outlier, and Samaritan, simultaneously, starts to eliminate obstacles to its plans and bring about a new world order.


The plan was first mentioned when Control interrogates Shelly, a Samaritan agent disguised in normal person, about her role as a handler for Samaritan handling moles inside the U.S. goverment, Control then discovers a mention of the Correction in her notebook. (“Asylum”) In May 5, Samaritan starts a power surge, trying to destroy the Machine. In Pentagon, Control found out that something suspicious at Columbia Heights mentioned in the memo, which her assistant, Schiffmann, thought she did that record. So, Control sends an operative to the U.S. Supreme Court, as she believes an attack will occur there. And she finds Greer, orders him to stop.

There was, however, no attack at the Court. Greer explains that Samaritan has reached a conclusion after watched this world for over a year, and it settled on a list of "corrections", including all those who are its obstacle. As such, the rumor turns out to be a deception, a "test of loyalty", mentioned by both Samaritan and John Greer. Soon, many people listed in are neutralized by Samaritan's agents, and Control is also abducted and disappeared since. (“YHWH”) However, the Machine survived because the blind spot of Samaritan still exists, so the core code of the Machine is able to be brought away. (“B.S.O.D.”)

Samaritan continues to eliminate objects which it finds disruptive. As of the Machine reboots, Samaritan controls the crime rate but suicides are up - which are actaully assasinations planned by Samaritan. (“SNAFU”) Fusco is considered a "witness to the Correction" and monitored closely while he investigates it. He found the bodies of several victims are found in a collapsed tunnel. (“A More Perfect Union”) Fusco is taken by Agent LeRoux who reveals himself to be the killer and attempts to kill Fusco who is, however, able to overpower him. (“.exe”)

4x22 - Control Greer

Greer and Control overlooking the results of the Correction

Known Targets

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