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Main Characters

POI 0510 Root

Played by Amy Acker

Bear Holder

Played by Gotcha
Credit only

Person of Interest

Image Name Played by
POI 0510 Harold

Harold Finch

Michael Emerson
Main article: Harold Finch


Image Name Played by
POI 0510 Carl Elias

Carl Elias

Enrico Colantoni
Main article: Carl Elias
POI 0510 Javier


Ed Incle
An associate of Elias masquerading as a janitor, he took out two Samaritan agents when they cornered Finch and Elias at the Brighton Beach apartment.
POI 0510 Banger


Barrington Walters, Jr
A gangster loyal to Elias, he informed Reese and Fusco of Finch's abduction by Samaritan agents.


Image Name Played by
POI 0510 John Greer

John Greer

John Nolan
Main article: John Greer
POI 0510 Jeff Blackwell

Jeff Blackwell

Josh Close
Main article: Jeff Blackwell
POI 0510 Zachary


Robert Manning, Jr.
Main article: Zachary
POI 0510 First Samaritan Op

First Samaritan Op

Mark Doherty
A Samaritan agent, he and his partner killed a couple of Elias' men and cornered him and Finch at the Brighton Beach apartment. However, before they could capture Finch they were shot by Javier.
POI 0510 Samaritan Op

Samaritan Op

Nicholas Tucci
A Samaritan agent, he killed Elias by shooting him in the head and then proceeded to capture Finch.


Image Name Played by
POI 0510 FBI SAIC Roberts

FBI SAIC Roberts

Geoff Pierson
An FBI agent, he interrogated Finch after his arrest when it was discovered that his fingerprints were found on 15 different crime scenes over the past 5 years and that he a had file open on him since 1974 for treason. As Agent Roberts continued to question him, Finch revealed his anger at the the corrupt system that allowed an entity like Samaritan to take over and berated Agent Roberts for failing to notice it. Finch threatened to kill Samaritan, who was observing the proceedings through the security cameras, which Roberts mistook as a threat against him. The Machine later helped Finch break out of the facility.
POI 0510 Sonum


Sunita Mani
A student of Harold Whistler at the university, she came to Finch to persuade him to change her grade, but Samaritan agents attacked his office at the same moment prompting Reese and Root to protect him in front of her.
POI 0510 Brenda

Brenda Jones

Christine Cartell
The receptionist at Temporary Resolutions, she was questioned by Reese and Fusco after the Samaritan agent who attacked Finch was found to be an employee at the company. She led them to a room to wait for her boss, but it turned out to be a ruse as more Samaritan agents descended on the office and engaged in a firefight with Reese and Fusco.
POI 0510 Detective 1

Detective #1

Reese Madigan
One of the detectives at the precinct where Finch was held after being arrested, he and his partner were astonished at Finch's fingerprints being found on 15 different crime scenes over the past 5 years.
POI 0510 Detective 2

Detective #2

DeShawn Harold Mitchell
Another detective at the precinct, he and his partner were astonished at Finch's fingerprints being found on 15 different crime scenes over the past 5 years. He informed his partner that one of the charges against Finch, dating back to 1974, was that of treason.
POI 0510 Police Officer

Police Officer

RJ Foster
An NYPD police officer, he personally arrested Finch after he and Root were forced to stop at a police blockade while escaping from Samaritan agents.
POI 0510 Waitress


Debbie Campbell
A waitress from Sognare's Cafe, she recognized Finch from the time he took Grace to the cafe for their first date even though he had forgotten about it.
POI 0510 Guard


Ryan Quinn
A guard at the prison facility where Finch was being held, he informed Reese and Shaw of Finch's escape along with 600 other prisoners.

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