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Main Cast

POI 0310 Root1

Played by Amy Acker

Recurring Cast

POI 0310 Elias

Carl Elias
Played by Enrico Colantoni (uncredited)

POI 0310 Scar

Played by David Valcin (uncredited)

Guest Cast

POI 0310 Blake

Jimmy Ransone
Played by Ross Degraw

POI 0310 QMI

QMI Manager
Played by Bruce Winant

POI 0310 Team1

Ready Team One
Played by Regi Huc

POI 0310 Psych

Played by Jessica Hecht

POI 0310 Res

Hospital Resident
Played by David Fonteno

POI 0310 Leader

Team Leader
Played by Brett G. Smith

POI 0310 Marshall1

US Marshal #1
Played by Kohler McKenzie

POI 0310 Marshall2

US Marshal
Played by Shawn T. Andrew

POI 0310 Therapist

Played by Damian Young

POI 0310 Spec1

Specops Psychologist
Played by Kevin O’Rourke

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