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The Devil's Share

3x10 - Watching explosion



Air dateNovember 26, 2013

Running time43:29

Production code2J7610

Written byAmanda Segel
Jonathan Nolan

Directed byChris Fisher


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The Machine never said Reese was the only one planning to kill Simmons.

— Root

"The Devil's Share" is the tenth episode of season 3, and the 55th produced hour of Person of Interest. It originally aired on November 26, 2013.


As the POI team seeks justice for Carter’s murder, Finch realizes one of his team members may go one step too far in order to end the war with HR. Also, the Machine gives out the number for NYPD Officer Patrick Simmons, one of the crime organization’s key players.

Origin of the Title

"The Devil's Share" refers to that part of human behavior that allows us to be cruel to one another, or refers to one person's inhumanity to another. In this context, it refers to our darker side, and our ability to act without conscience. Contemporary French author Denis de Rougemont argues that this is the modern-day manifestation of demonic forces in the world.

Main Plot Points

Carl Elias demonstrates his admiration of Joss Carter to Patrick Simmons.


Episode Notes

  • This episode explores the inner lives of four of the main characters, each of whom is seeking some form of redemption. Only Root, who shows she is as capable of violence as the others, remains an enigma, notably to Finch.
  • In each of the four flashback scenes, the basic scenario is the same: each is a one-on-one interview with a person doing an evaluation, the interviewer or therapist is largely unseen except from behind, the character needs something from the interviewer and the character keeps something pertinent from the interviewer. Each interview focuses on the character's response to a death in which they were involved. We see Finch feels guilt and responsibility for Nathan Ingram's death, Shaw feels nothing at all when patients die, Reese feels regret but takes a life all the same, and Fusco feels pride in what he's done when the end justifies the means.
  • In the ending sequence, Elias tells Simmons that they both are "outliers", differentiating each of them from the main players. In statistical terms, an outlier is a data point or observation which does not fit into an array of data. In more common vernacular, it refers to someone or something that doesn't fit its group or surroundings.
  • During his conversation with Shaw, then a resident, the chief resident speculates that she has diagnosed her own emotional disorder by reading all of the DSM. He is referring to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-IV-TR) published in 2000. The manual is a compilation of standardized diagnostic and classification criteria for mental illnesses and disorders, published by the American Psychiatric Association. It is designed to be used by mental health professionals with appropriate clinical training, which Shaw would not have had. The DSM-IV-TR was replaced by the DSM-5 in 2013.
  • To celebrate Person of Interest airing on Netflix starting September 1, 2015, asked Jonathan Nolan and Greg Plageman to pick a few of their favorite episodes. Plageman picked "The Devil's Share", because as he was watching the director's cut, specifically the scene in the intro where Reese turned away from the SUV after questioning the men inside, he just knew it would be a good episode. That never happened at such an early stage of production, either. Nolan and Plageman both agreed that "Hurt" by Johnny Cash was perfect for the scene as well, because there were no words to say what they wanted to say after Carter's death.[1]

Production Notes

Bloopers and Continuity Errors

  • In the intro, the man sitting in the back seat changes his position and configuration in the SUV several times. At first he is sitting in the middle seat, then by the window.
  • When Reese is questioning the man in the burning SUV, the location of his hand holding the picture shifts from top to bottom as the camera angles change.
  • When Shaw is being questioned in her flashback, her stethoscope changes from above to below her lapel when in close up.
  • Reese exits the attorney's office at 13:33. The Russians are shown breaking into the office at 13:52. However, Fusco states "Reese leaves and then five minutes later these jokers show up."
  • When Finch, Shaw, Fusco and Root were driving down the street and Root told Shaw to turn off the headlights, the street was completely dark and Shaw was driving by "feel". Seconds later, when pulling up to the building, they are on a street with an entire row of street lights behind them.
  • When Finch, Shaw, Fusco and Root encounter the first Marshal, Shaw's gun has no visible silencer, yet the sound is suppressed. There is clearly no built in suppressor, as later her gun, again with no visible modifications, fires a distinctly louder and more classic gunshot sound.


  • "Hurt" by Johnny Cash - Intro song.
  • "Miami Showdown" by Digitalism - During the shootout between Reese and the Marshals.
  • "Colour in Your Hands" by D.L.i.d - Ending song.


  • The digital monitors for both Reese and Simmons display the term RR-ECG (disabled). This indicates that the monitor is not displaying the time between beats of the heart, used to calculate heart rate.
  • Elias' dissertation on the nature of and need for 'outliers' bears a marked resemblance to the etymology of assassin as a term.


  • "Does survivor's guilt pass when everything that has happened actually is, in fact, your fault?" (Finch)
  • "Witnesses put our pal, the psychopathic vigilante, at the scene." (Fusco, to Finch) "Which one?" (Finch) "You mean both your stray dogs are off the leash?!" (Fusco)
  • "We're out of options. We need Root." (Shaw)
  • "You know, if you'd told me about the carpooling arrangements I would've driven separately." (Fusco)
  • "Tell me why we're listening to the crazy chick who kidnapped Glasses." (Fusco)
  • "I promise, I'm here to help." (Root)
  • "What's with you and your poor listening skills?" (Shaw, to Root)
  • "Just when I think life with you people couldn't get any weirder, one of you takes it to the next level." (Fusco)
  • "I'm not gonna threaten to kill you. I'm going to kill you..." (Reese)
  • "I've already lost a friend.  I don't intend to lose another, not tonight." (Finch)
  • "The Machine never said Reese was the only one planning to kill Simmons." (Root)
  • "She reminded me that I could be good again too." (Fusco)
  • "She saved me from myself, because she believed in me!" (Fusco)
  • "You and I are outliers -- we're not really a part of civilization; we're something... older." (Elias)


Person of Interest 3x10 "The Devil's Share" - Johnny Cash - "Hurt"04:14

Person of Interest 3x10 "The Devil's Share" - Johnny Cash - "Hurt"

Person Of Interest - In Honor Of Carter03:19

Person Of Interest - In Honor Of Carter


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