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POI 0206 POI


  • Social Security Number: 232-40-593 (Pruitt)
  • Known Aliases: Lloyd Pruitt
  • Occupation: Hardware Store Owner
  • Associates: Connie Wyler (wife), Izzy Wyler (daugter)
Born Lloyd Pruitt, Graham Wyler used to be a jewelry thief and master safecracker along with his partners Chris Vaughn and Daniel Burnside. Wyler backed out on one of their operations, considering it too risky, and started a new life with his wife Connie. Vaughn and Burnside were arrested, and once they were released they sought revenge on Wyler. They forced him into one more robbery, but Reese was able to stop them. Wyler still turned himself in after admitting his past life to Connie, but the judge put him on house arrest, saying he wasn't a threat to society.

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