The New York Journal

NYJournal 2x05 Quinn

NameThe New York Journal

First AppearanceBury the Lede”,
Articles appeared in earlier episodes.



ConnectionMaxine Angelis


The New York Journal is a newspaper published in New York City. It makes several appearances in many episodes of the second and third season of Person of Interest, usually covering stories relevant to either a person of interest or supporting character in an episode.

Maxine Angelis, whom Reese protected in “Bury the Lede” is one of the journal's staff writers. In some episodes, articles written by other staff writers also appear.

A copy of the New York Journal costs $1. (“Critical”)


Written by Maxine Angelis

Written by other journalists


POI 0320 S3

The Washington Herald (“Death Benefit”)

4x05 - Root's NYJ pass

Root's press pass (“Prophets”)

  • A small article titled "Poland unveils Memorial to Warsaw Ghetto", written by Kevin Landon, appears in two different copies of the journal, once in “Critical” and again in “C.O.D.”.
  • One of Root's aliases while hiding from Samaritan is Karen Iverson, a journalist with the New York Journal. (“Prophets”)
  • Finch also posed as a reporter from the New York Journal under the alias Harold Cardinal. (“Prophets”)

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