Theodore J. Gibbons

Theodore Gibbons

NameTheodore J. Gibbons



Social Security #XXX-XX-6426

OccupationNSA Deputy Director

ResidenceMaryland, USA

FamilyUnnamed Daughter


AppearanceNo Good Deed

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Theodore J. Gibbons is the Deputy Director and senior civilian leader of the NSA, and Henry Peck's boss.

Character Background

Gibbons graduated from the U.S. Air Force Academy in 1976 and holds an advanced degree in engineering. He started his career at the NSA as a computer scientist within the National Computer Security Center, was promoted to NSA's Senior Executive Service in 2009 and subsequently served in a variety of leadership assignments.

At some point he joined the Air National Guard from which he retired as a Brigadier General in 2004. His NSA assignments include service across signals intelligence operations, information assurance policy and time-sensitive operations.

In April 2012 he contacted Henry Peck off the record to congratulate him on a report he submitted that led to the arrest of a high-level suspect and thus prevented a major terrorist attack. (“No Good Deed”)


  • He is named after the Key Production Assistant who works on the show in New York City.

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