• Apparently there are three unaired scenes hidden on the DVDs:

    One with Alonzo Quinn, then the other with Fusco from 3x09 and one with Finch probably from 3x21.

    (via /r/PersonOfInterest (1), (2))

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    • I can see how to access them using a computer. Has anyone figured out how to access them via a DVD player? The Fusco one is the alternate ending they shot to try to keep the rumor/spoiler mill from twigging what would actually happen.

      Speaking of which, has anyone found easter eggs on the S1 or S2 DVDs?

      Update: I am now a woman on a mission. The Finch scene is on Disc 6, Track 12. I just called up the track menu and cycled through them all to find it. Trial and error worked. The others must be on other DVDs. One down, 17 to go...

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