Tim Matheson
Job(s) Actor-Director
Date of Birth December 31, 1947
Origin Glendale, California
IMDb profile

Tim Matheson is a director on Person of Interest.

Matheson began his long career as an actor at the age of 13 in the series Jonny Quest. He transitioned into film and television roles, working with actors including Clint Eastwood (Magnum Force), Mel Brooks and Anne Bancroft (To Be or Not To Be) and Martin Sheen (The West Wing, as Vice President John Hoynes) in his over 150 film and television roles. His best known role is undoubtedly that of Eric "Otter" Stratton in Animal House, alongside John Belushi.

Matheson began directing for television in the mid-2000s, notably appearing in Burn Notice as recurring character "Dead" Larry Sizemore while directing five episodes of the series. He continues to act and direct, most recently appearing in CSI, and directing episodes of Covert Affairs, Suits, Heart of Dixie and The Last Ship.

Episodes Directed

Season 5

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