POI 0319 Toke

Played byJames McMenamin


AssociatesMatthew Reed

AppearanceMost Likely To...

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Toke is an energetic former classmate of Matthew Reed.

Character Background

Toke is seen talking with Matthew at a bowling alley during a high school reunion party.

Reese, posing as former student Frank Mercer, talks with Toke, who tells him about the death of Matthew's girlfriend Claire Klein, and how she died of a drug overdose rather than being murdered by Matthew, as most people believe.

Toke walks in on Reese and a Vigilance member posing as former classmate Phil fighting in the kitchen. Phil grabs Toke and threatens to kill him unless Reese drops his weapon, but Reese throws a plate at Phil and knocks him out with a can; Phil commits suicide by cyanide to avoid interrogation.

Toke is later present watching the arrest of Matthew's classmate and enemy Doug Hemmill.

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