Trent Russell

POI 0202 Trent

Played byKevin Loreque

NameTrent Russell


OccupationBank loan officer

FamilyBarbara Russell (wife)

AppearanceBad Code

Images (2)

Trent Russell is Barbara Russell's deceased husband and the killer of Hanna Frey.

Trent abducted Hanna Frey from the parking lot of the library, killed her and buried her in the patio of his home. A young Root witnessed the abduction but was forced into silence by Barbara, although she did notify the police. The police were unable to connect Trent to the crime as they had transposed a number in the license plate Root had given them.

In 1993, Root opened a bank account in Lafayette, Indiana in Hanna's name with Trent as a co-signer. She then proceeded to transfer $100,000 from drug dealer Jose Barilla into the account and then withdrew the money over the next three weeks in cash. Wanting his money back and unable to locate the missing Hanna, Barilla came after Trent as Root planned. When Trent was unable to give him his money back, Barilla murdered him. While the police believed it to be drug dealers, they never solved Trent's murder.

In 2012, the Machine gives Reese Hanna's number as a clue to locating Harold Finch. With the help of Detective Carter, Reese investigates Hanna's disappearance, believing her to be Root. Carter locates the account and they later find Trent's car on blocks at his home. The two realize Trent abducted Hanna from the license plate and Carter and Sheriff Judd Landry question Barbara on Trent's role in Hanna's disappearance. After hearing Root's 911 call, Barbara admits to intimidating Root into silence and unsure of Trent's innocence anymore, tells the police that Trent redid their patio two weeks after Hanna disappeared. Digging up the patio, the police locate Hanna's body and are finally able to give her a proper burial.

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