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Main Cast

POI Fusco Blank2c

Lionel Fusco
Played by Kevin Chapman
Credit only

POI 0503 Bear

Played by Gotcha

POI 0503 Root

Played by Amy Acker

Person of Interest

Image Name Played by
POI 0503 Alex Duncan

Alex Duncan

Stephen Plunkett
A computer security expert, he worked for an international consulting firm. He found himself in trouble after breaking into CIA servers to investigate his brother's death, a soldier who died in Afghanistan. It brought him into conflict with Terence Beale and his team, but was saved by the intervention of Reese, who also convinced him that his brother was a hero who died in the service of his country.

John's Past

Image Name Played by
POI 0503 Kara Stanton

Kara Stanton

Annie Parisse
Main article: Kara Stanton
POI 0503 Beale

Terence Beale

Keith David
Main article: Terence Beale
A high-ranking CIA officer, he oversaw the Agency's Special Activities Division comprising of Mark Snow, Kara Stanton and John Reese among others.
POI 0503 Paul Duncan

Paul Duncan/Brent Tomlinson

Darren Goldstein
Alex Duncan's older brother, he was a Pentagon intelligence officer who went undercover in Afghanistan as a military advisor by the name of Brent Tomlinson. He sold information to the Taliban and was subsequently investigated by Reese and Kara Stanton on orders from their superiors. Reese killed him after he failed to convince him of his innocence.

John's Present

Image Name Played by
POI 0503 Iris Campbell

Iris Campbell

Wrenn Schmidt
Main article: Iris Campbell
POI 0503 Dinah Campbell

Dinah Campbell

Asta Hansen
Iris' mother, she along with her husband and daughter met Reese at a pirate themed restaurant.
POI 0503 Phil Campbell

Phil Campbell

Brian McCormack
Iris' father, he along with his wife and daughter met Reese at a pirate themed restaurant.


Image Name Played by
POI 0503 Agent Ortega

Agent Ortega

Nicholas Baroudi
A CIA agent, he worked with Terrence Beale. He helped in the abduction and interrogation of Alex Duncan. He was knocked out by Reese on both the occasions he escaped with Duncan.
POI 0503 Waiter

Pirate Waiter

Collin Smith
A waiter, he was dressed as a pirate and greeted Iris and her family at the pirate themed restaurant.

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