Vincent Cochran


Played byScott Jaeck

NameVincent Cochran

StatusUnknown (likely deceased)

OccupationHedge Fund Manager

ResidenceNew York, NY, U.S.


AppearanceIn Extremis

Images (3)

Vincent Cochran is a hedge fund manager and the head of VAC.

Vincent Cochran is the head of VAC hedge fund. After one of his employees, Brandon Boyd, got an inadvertent tip from Dr. Richard Nelson about failed drug trials, Cochran used the information to make $500 million.

However after the SEC started investigating VAC for insider trading, he had Nelson poisoned with polonium to eliminate the weak link in the investigation. Later when Nelson and Reese tracked him down Cochran admitted to having no interest in medical research and was only interested in making money. He said that he always wins and that the SEC investigation will die with Nelson.

Nelson said that it would die with the both of them and pointed out that his nose was bleeding. Cochran realized that Reese dressed as a waiter had poisoned his drink with polonium. Nelson said him that he has 24 hours to spend his billions and advised him to spend it wisely.

It is unknown what exactly happened to Cochran but it's very likely he died the very same way as Nelson as there is no cure for polonium poisoning and his name was never brought up again by Reese or his team.

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