3x20 - Virgil

Played byDaniel K. Isaac


AffiliationDecima Technologies

AssociatesJohn Greer

First appearanceDeath Benefit

Last appearanceBeta

Images (2)

Virgil is a Decima operative and operated Samaritan during its beta test.

After Greer is granted access to the NSA's feeds for NYC, Virgil meets him and activates Samaritan. He later executes Greer's request to find Harold Finch. (“Death Benefit”)

After Samaritan fails to locate Finch, he uses it to identify persons related to him, finding Grace Hendricks, his former fiancée.

After Reese and Shaw find Decima's location, they encounter Virgil. Reese threatens him at gunpoint in an attempt to get Grace's location, but Greer (via video projection) tells them Virgil is already dead. Upon hearing this, Virgil forces Reese to shoot him and he dies instantly (“Beta”)


  • Virgil is one of several Decima employees to commit suicide:
    • Martin Baxter shot himself on Greer's orders. Greer told him his family would be provided for. (“Trojan Horse”)
    • A Decima agent jumps out off a window to prevent breaking under torture. (“RAM”)
    • After another operative jumps off a building, Root reveals this is done for the insurance. If an operative gets caught, they get nothing; if they die or have an accident, their nearest kin gets a pay day. (“A House Divided”)

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