POI 0216 Wilson7

Played byPaul Sparks




AffiliationISA, Government


Images (3)

Wilson was Sameen Shaw and Michael Cole's handler. He worked under Special Counsel, providing Shaw and Cole with "relevant" social security numbers of people about to commit terrorist acts against the United States of America, and overseeing the neutralization of these threats.

When Cole started questioning "Research", the source of the numbers, and suspected that Daniel Aquino, one of their past targets, was killed by his own government, Wilson ordered the elimination of both Cole and Shaw. Cole was killed but Shaw managed to escape, albeit wounded, after a firefight with Wilson and his men.

Later, Shaw returned Cole's research to Special Counsel, as she still believed what they were doing was important. She told Wilson that he could have warned them rather than killing them. Wilson told her that he believed they brought it on themselves and that it needed to be done. Shaw then shot and killed Wilson, avenging Cole's death.


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