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Main Cast

Recurring Cast

Guest Cast

POI 0114 Lisa

Played by Aja Naomi King

POI 0114 Brick

Played by Ro Boddie

POI 0114 Trim

Played by Sheldon Best

POI who

Played by Michael Mandell

POI 0114 Merchant

Played by Helmar Augustus Cooper

POI 0114 Comic

Comic Kid
Played by Thuliso Dingwall

POI 0114 Sec

Played by Julie Sharbutt

POI 0114 Thug1

Thug #1
Played by Joshua Elijah Reese

POI 0114 Thug2

Thug #2
Played by Nnambi Nwosa

POI 0114 NYPD1

NYPD Unit #1
Played by Jack Hart

POI 0114 Royal1

Royal Gangbanger #1
Played by Derrick Simmons

POI 0114 Royal1

Royal Gangbanger #2
Played by Roy T. Anderson

POI 0114 Royal3

Royal Gangbanger #3
Played by Curtis Lyons

POI 0114 Royal4

Royal Gangbanger #4
Played by Jeremy Sample

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