Captain P. Womack


Played byJohn Fiore


OccupationPolice captain

ResidenceNew York City, NY, USA


First appearanceCura Te Ipsum

Latest appearanceIn Extremis

Images (4)

Captain P. Womack was once the Captain at the 8th precinct, an accomplice of Carl Elias, and a member of HR.

He is blackmailed with photos of him with a prostitute taken by John Reese into putting Lionel Fusco on the Task Force with Joss Carter. (“Cura Te Ipsum”)

To help Mark Snow in his investigation, he forced Joss Carter to reveal all the information she had about Reese. (“Number Crunch”)

He appeared to be a friend and known contact of Artie Lynch, and helped him release a convict on HR's payroll from custody. (“Wolf and Cub”)

He is later revealed to be incarcerated with other corrupt HR cops. (“C.O.D.”)

However, he somehow beats the charges and is still running the Homicide Task Force as he is briefly seen when Fusco reclaims his weapon and badge after Stills' body goes missing. (“In Extremis”)

It is assumed that he was arrested with the rest of the corrupt cops after Det. Carter successfully brought down HR. The 8th Precinct is seen having a new superior, Captain Devecchio. (“Root Path (/)”)


Season 1

Season 2

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