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Main Characters

4x22 - Root

Played by Amy Acker

Elias vs. Dominic

Image Name Played by
4x22 - Elias


Enrico Colantoni
Main article: Elias
4x22 - Dominic


Winston Duke
Main article: Dominic
4x22 - Harper

Harper Rose

Annie Ilonzeh
Main article: Harper Rose
4x22 - Floyd


Jessica Pimentel
Main article: Floyd
4x22 - Elias' Man

Elias' Man

Johnny Solo
One of Elias' soldiers, he crashes the police van carrying Elias, Dominic and Fusco. He tries to escape with Elias but is shot and killed by Dominic.


Image Name Played by
4x22 - Greer

John Greer

John Nolan
Main article: John Greer
4x22 - Zachary


Robert Manning, Jr.
Main article: Zachary
4x22 - Odd Man

Odd Man

Joseph McKenna
One of Samaritan's snipers. As part of The Correction, he kills Dominic with a shot to the head and shoots Elias in the chest.


Image Name Played by
4x22 - Control


Camryn Manheim
Main article: Control
4x22 - Garrison

Ross Garrison

John Doman
Main article: Ross Garrison
4x22 - Grice

Devon Grice

Nick Tarabay
Main article: Devon Grice
4x22 - Schiffmann


Suzy Jane Hunt
Main article: Schiffmann


Image Name Played by
4x22 - Iris

Iris Campbell

Wrenn Schmidt
Main article: Iris Campbell
4x22 - Caleb

Caleb Phipps

Luke Kleintank
Main article: Caleb Phipps


Image Name Played by
4x22 - Lineman


Anthony Gaskins
Working for Thornhill Utilities, he replaces their power boxes. He wonders about what's inside the boxes, but is warned by his senior not to look. They unknowingly help The Machine store itself in the nation's power grid.
4x22 - Senior Lineman

Senior Lineman

Ken Perlstein
Working for Thornhill Utilities, he warns his junior partner not to open the power boxes they are replacing.
4x22 - Arms Dealer

Arms Dealer

Alban Merdani
An arms dealer, he is in possession of a night vision goggle powered by piezoelectric batteries, which are needed by Root to power The Briefcase. Root shoots him during an arms deal and steals the batteries.
4x22 - Delivery Guy

Delivery Guy

Marco Antonio Rodriguez
The Machine uses him to deliver 15 laptops to Finch, to help him and Root complete the transfer its core heuristics to The Briefcase.
4x22 - Bodega Cashier

Bodega Cashier

Joseph Tudisco
Root and Finch steal his van when trying to get away from Samaritan agents.
4x22 - Reporter

Reporter #1

Logan Crawford
The reporter covers the power outages, caused by Samaritan, occurring all across the nation.
4x22 - Doorman


J. Oscar Simmons
He is seen talking to the fireman at the building where the arms deal goes down.
4x22 - Fireman


Jason Altman
He is seen talking to the doorman of the building where the arms deal goes down. Root steals a key off him.

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