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Zoe Morgan


Played byPaige Turco

NameZoe Morgan



ResidenceNew York, NY, USA

First appearanceThe Fix

Latest appearanceSearch and Destroy

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A little advice: if you're going to do something wrong, do it right.

— Zoe

Zoe Morgan is a "fixer" and the occasional lover of John Reese. They meet when Reese and Finch help save her when The Machine gives them her number. She returns the favor by helping them out from time to time with persons of interest cases that require her particular skills and contacts.

Character Background

1x06 - Meeting Reese

Reese as Zoe's driver (“The Fix”).

Zoe grew up in a nice house in Yonkers, NY. Her father was a city official who became ensnared in a corruption case. The press camped out on her lawn for weeks, only dispersing when a man the party had sent to fix things showed up. This was what prompted her to become a fixer.

She spent the rest of her childhood in a small apartment in Queens with her mother (“The Fix”).

Meeting Reese and Finch as a POI

In 2011, when Zoe's number came up, Reese took a job as her driver to investigate. Zoe was hired by Mark Lawson, the CFO of Virtanen Pharmaceuticals, to retrieve an incriminating recording, purportedly revealing an affair. When she returned it to his men, they attempted to kill her, but she was saved by Reese.

Using her own sources, independent of Reese and Finch, Zoe figured out that the woman in the recording was Dana Miller, a former employee of Virtanen, who was going to blow the whistle regarding one of their drugs, and was killed before she could do so. Zoe chose to take down Virtanen with the information Dana gathered because she knew a girl once whose situation "kind of reminds [her] of Dana", but also because they tried to kill her.


Zoe and Reese captured (“The Fix”).

When she and Reese were captured, Zoe appeared to betray him with a kiss, but used the opportunity to slip him a paperclip so that he could escape his cuffs. She led Mark Lawson to a naval yard, but he figured out that she had never really sent the information she had to anyone else. Before Lawson could do anything with this information, Reese showed up to rescue Zoe. Zoe gave Virtanen's competitor Beecher Pharmaceuticals a tip about the drug, then donated a large sum of the money she earned to Dana Miller's family to support their lawsuit against Virtanen (“The Fix”).

Working with the Team

Following her encounter with Reese and Finch, Zoe becomes an occasional resource on whom the team can call. She is loyal, clever, savvy, street-wise and well-able to take care of herself. She slowly gets to know the other players, and dialogue suggests that she has worked with the team from time-to-time off-camera.

1x13 - Zoe with Reese

Zoe speaking with Matheson (“Root Cause”).

The first time Finch calls on Zoe is to help them clear the name of a man framed for the murder of a senator by a mysterious hacker known only as Root. She sees Mr. Reese briefly and flirtatiously suggests he might consider buying her a drink as payment for her services. She also teaches Reese that she learned the most important lesson she learned was two (unknown) words that could make reporters leave the POI alone (“Root Cause”).

Zoe next contributes her skills while the team attempts to prevent the potential hit on a seemingly innocent professional therapist to be carried out by HR. She discovers that the therapist, Caroline Turing, is really "Root", and therefore the perpetrator setting herself up as the victim. Zoe tells Finch to be careful because she would hate if anything happened to their "mutual friend" Reese, indicating her growing regard for Reese. Across town at the time Finch is kidnapped by Root, she is unable to help (“Firewall”).

2x05 - Zoe helping

Zoe posing as an ex-girlfriend (“Bury the Lede”).

After Finch is rescued from Root, Zoe once again assists Reese with his latest POI, Maxine Angelis, by posing to be one of John's ex-girlfriends. Maxine recognizes her and commented that every reporter in town would love to interview her. Maxine later had John call Zoe to find out who the head of HR is and gave them information on two former FBI agents who are working for him (“Bury the Lede”).

Zoe is called upon again, but this time to pose as John's wife while living in the suburbs.

While "married" to John they play poker and keep an eye on Graham Wyler, but also grow closer. At the end of the episode, there are hints Zoe and Reese may now be, or will soon become lovers (“The High Road”).

2x06 - Married

Reese and Zoe posing a couple (“The High Road”).

After Zoe helps John and Harold spot an assassin targeting Mira Dobrica, a maid in a hotel, John invites Zoe to stay with him in the penthouse suite, and she agrees. This is the first episode where it is clear Zoe and Reese are now lovers, although the extent of their relationship is unclear (“Booked Solid”).

Zoe services are next needed when Finch and Reese call on her to track down possibly killer Ian Murphy by posing as bait, along with Joss Carter and Sameen Shaw. At the end of the episode, Reese takes her home, although she playfully keeps him waiting while she finishes a drink with the women, suggesting their relationship is physical with few emotional ties (“Lady Killer”).

In the events leading up to “Reasonable Doubt”, Zoe provided Finch with information about an illegal gambling ring, which allows Finch to make an anonymous tip to the NYPD which deters their manhunt of Vanessa Watkins (“Reasonable Doubt”).


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  • She refers to Finch as Reese's imaginary friend.

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